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Brutal Existence Radio
By The Underground For The Underground
Born from the underground, and a sense of doing things our own way. Brutal Existence Radio is set to take the internet airwaves by storm. We are the outcasts. . . .and damn proud of it! Our mission, and goal, is simple. . . .To bring the real metal underground to the forefront, in an environment that will support these hardworking bands. We have dj’s that cover everything from Grind, Noise, True Punk, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Technical Death, Black Metal, Doom, and Sludge. We don’t play “The Hits”, here…..That is not what we are about. We bring you bands, and music from all over the globe, to showcase bands that never seem to get the respect and support they deserve. Because their style is considered “Too Much” for commercial marketability, they tend to get overlooked. Well That is complete Bullshit, and we aim to change that, at this station.


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