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Dusty Bag Oldies
Rare oldies doowop vocal group harmony, R & B Blues and standards, Old commercial ads from the 1950's and 1960's. Old radio jingles obscure... Hi been DJ’ing for over 30 years on various radio stations throughout the country playing the great music that will forever endure. Since 1955 when I heard Bill Haley & The Comets playing Crazy Man Cray- I was hooked on the music. Since then I have been collecting records and old rare sounds, vocal groups,acapella and new retro doowop. I play the great lost sounds that are abound with warmth, true vocalization without too much electronic enhancement. Hear the REAL talent of the artists not the board engineers. I give airtime to groups that were never credited for their artistry and talents nor compensated for their records. Also we can never forget the old radio jingles too which I use to segway between songs.