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Kol Halev
World wide Jewish Israeli music
Radio Kol Halev - The Voice of The Heart. You are invited to listen to our free programming, the live online broadcasts as well as our previously recorded shows. Radio Kol Halev is the only radio with a variety of shows on a range of subjects and the only radio where diverse styles of Jewish-Israeli music are played. Music such as traditional Israeli music as well as the latest hits, Jewish music such as Chassidic as well as other religious songs of faith, and Mizrachit - oriental Israeli music. Everyone is welcome to participate in our programs, ask to hear a special song, say hello to family and friends, suggest topics for discussion, win prizes, look for work, meet people, or meet that special someone. We are a young radio station full of youthful vigor, vitality and verve but we are professional as well, because at Radio Kol Halev we have some of the best broadcasters, DJs, and radio talk show hosts around.


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