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Radio Zetwa Fm
La Radio Qui Fait Impact 24/7 La Gonave Haiti
89.1 FM
Welcome To Radio Tele Zetwa 89.1 Fm Thanks for visiting our website, please make yourself at home remember Radio Tele Zetwa Fm is your station. New and improved website! In this era of technological advancement, this website aims to provide all that can be heard on 89.1 FM and more. Radio Zetwa is in the business of informing, educating and entertaining the Ouest community through diverse, creative and responsive communications that are independent and community-based. Here, you can read our news items, view pictures, interact with staff and remain abreast of all that goes on in the City of La Gonave. Gonâve Island is an island of Haiti located west-northwest of Port-au-Prince. Radio station with results-proven pro-gramming! A medium that is unparalleled, and the most effective and efficient way to reach po-tential customers! Studio: 011(509) 3 497-1038 / 4 651-6879 / 3 765-8751 Date Founded: December 31, 2015 CEO and Founder: Stevens Desrosier