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The Rock of Boston
6-10am The T&A Morning Show 10am-3pm Rockin' At Work with Rick Roberts 3-7pm The Work Release Program with Scott Mann 7pm-Midnight Charlie Steele Rocks the nighttime Before the mid 1960's, WBCN played classical music exlusively. The call letters stood for the Boston Concert Network. The station slowly began to change to an "underground" music format on the night of March 15th, 1968. The first song played to usher in the new "American Revolution" was "I Feel Free" by Cream. At first, the new "American Revolution" format was only heard during the overnight hours... but by the summer of 1968, it encompassed the entire 24 hour programming day. As a part of their new format, WBCN began supporting non-maintream, investigative reporting and such novel concepts as a show oriented toward prison inmates, health warnings about the hazards of street drugs, and live updates on the traffic problems at Woodstock. By 1975, WBCN had gradually evolved from the underground/progressive format of the 1960's to the more mainstream album-oriented rock format popular in the 1970's. Unlike most rock stations of the era, WBCN still allowed a degree of individual DJ control of the music. Their playlist in general was more varied than many of their competitors. There was some focus on local music and the station was known nationwide for breaking acts like The Cars, Til Tuesday, and...


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