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Radio That Changes the Way You Live.
1140 AM
WBXR 15,000 watts 1140 AM – Clear Channel has been broadcasting Christian preaching and teaching programs twenty years since 1994. WBXR has thousands of listeners who tune in every day. WBXR serves the Huntsville, Alabama area with a population of 1 million within the primary signal. This powerful 15,000 watt station reaches into two states, Alabama and Tennessee and 12 counties. The mission of WBXR is to serve our Lord through Christian teaching and preaching programming. WBXR broadcasts quality National Christian programs as well as local church ministries. A few featured programs include: In Touch, Leading the Way, Hope for the Heart, Bible Answer Man, Gospel for Asia, Watchman on the Wall, Call to Worship, Jay Sekulow Live!, Willing Heart and many more.