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Coastway Hospital Radio
Hopsital Radio For Brighton
Coastway Hospital Radio For Brighton Is run entirely by volunteers who all have a passion for providing the highest quality programming for the patients at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, the Sussex Eye Hospital and beyond. Is dedicated to provide high quality music, performance and public affairs programming in order to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the patients that make up our audience. Prides itself on offering a diverse range of programmes that represent the unique characteristics, beliefs, interests and values of our listening audience. We broadcast everything from classical to world music, rock, soul and jazz. We also have sports programming, talk shows that combine chat with up to date information about the week’s news, ecology issues, book reviews, retrospectives, stories and quizzes. Is free to listen to for patients through the Hospedia Channel 1 console and online at or via the TuneIn Radio app for smartphones and tablets. Is proud to be a part of the wider community and encourages diversity in all of its forms (e.g. culture, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, gender, religion, ideas and sensibilities that represent the wide variety of experiences that life has to offer). Is committed to sharing community events to the listeners.