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H.Z.D ldn radio
HZD uks finest
Welcome to Hazard Radio (H.Z.D) the upcoming hottest radio to hit your airwaves, H.Z.D dedicates themselves solely on banging tunes and leaving there listeners wanting more, The name H.Z.D comes from our fire spitting Mc Hopper, Master of the Decks Dj Zak and our lyrical Genius Mc Msta D, H.Z.D  have a wide variety of musical content including UKG, HOUSE, GRIME, URBAN... Just to name a few!! H.Z.D also Want to give a platform to up and coming Dj's to shine on Hazard Radio, Hazard radio is all for the love off music, Are you looking for a radio station to get your night started, Then look no further then H.Z.D Radio...!


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